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Writing the literate, up-to-date and conforming to all requirements research paper is possible only by high level specialist. You need the perfectly executed custom written research paper and you are:

  • Looking for professional, possessing considerable experience in writing dissertations?
  • Selecting scientist, who will finalize your ideas and best studies into challenging scientific research?
  • In position to pay to competent specialists, skilful in conforming to all requirements?
  • Willing to collect the unique dissertation on due date?

We are in position to assist you in your raised concern solution. Authors on Dip24, writing the master’s degree, Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations, are the university professors and scientists, already having academic awards.

Any person, residing in any country, may order dissertation. In this event, the advantages of ordering on Dip24 are undoubtful — constantly monitoring the prices for the given kinds of services, we may state that ordering in Moscow will be advantageous not only from quality position, but also in financial plane.

How do we undertake custom dissertation writing

Custom dissertations (as well as scientific research papers of any level) writing on Dip24 gives the guarantee of competence, literacy, skilled structuring and good command in the matter. Nevertheless, our specialists are not only experienced and skilled. We provide:

  • scientific research actuality and uniqueness;
  • promptness in writing it;
  • creativity and responsible attitude;
  • tracking to viva voce defense;
  • adequate pricing and free rewrite.

Once you issue the order, our actions algorithm is as follows:

  • Several specialists in your field selection.
  • In case of Ph.D. or doctoral dissertation, we arrange conference to choose author having the adequate scientific specialization. In case of master’s degree dissertation — selecting professor in the indicated branch.
  • Writing the dissertation itself: considering all your desires, requirements and due date.
  • As the work progresses — explaining to the customer the author’s trend and line of thinking to ensure confident speech at dissertation committee.
  • If necessary — text updating in due time.

Custom written dissertation: price, proven by quality

Dip24 offers the set of services “Custom Dissertation Writing”. Price for the given set of services incorporates, except the scientific research itself, the report, author's summary and visual materials. Upon your wish, the set of services may be supplemented by referee report and report on the thesis.

Furthermore, we grant assistance in research papers writing and publishing, and HAC papers writing.

The line of research may be either technical or humanitarian. The cost of the dissertation to order is identified depending on its level (master’s degree, Ph.D. or doctoral), kind and urgency.

Defend your thesis with Dip24!


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